8 Principles of Presence


Principles are not rules – they are useful pieces of advice. If you apply them to your thinking – repeatedly – they help quieten the chatter of your mind and guide you to become more focused and more present.

Much of my work is based on exploring how to apply these principles in different contexts, so that each person I work with can, through enhanced presence, so develop their unique abilities, charisma, confidence, and ability to connect. These elements of interpersonal communication are the heart of effective activity and personal agency. They grow directly from cultivating presence.

The 8 Principles I work from are:

  1. Don’t be helpful
  2. Right here, right now, you are good enough
  3. Pay attention to things you can do something about
  4. Have no opinion
  5. Know your hierarchy of tasks
  6. In chaos, seek flow
  7. When there is nothing to do, do nothing
  8. Pursue pleasure