About Me


I was born in North Wales (UK) in 1964. I graduated from Hull University with a degree in English Literature and then completed a Masters Degree in Theatre at Leeds University.

I’ve worked for three decades as a performer, story-teller, teacher, director, writer, researcher, academic and community artist living in the UK, Australia then back in the UK. In Australia I worked for a while at Monash University (Melbourne) and in the UK I was, for a while, Senior Lecturer in Performance at Huddersfield University. While there I set up and ran an innovative MA based on my way of training performers.

In 2010 I established DUENDE – an international ensemble performance company. In 2015 I extended DUENDE’s work by establishing The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre to train performers internationally. While running DUENDE I published two books.

In the decade between 2010-20 I worked extensively round the world, teaching, directing, performing, lecturing – including engagements in Seattle, Bogota, Melbourne, Mexico City, Berlin, Hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Athens, Stockholm, Bangalore, Kolkata and elsewhere.

From 2017 onwards I began to be increasingly interested in how my work could empower people working in corporate, community and educational settings. This work began to flower – before the pandemic brought the world to a halt – in visits to Malaysia and China.

I left DUENDE in 2020 to focus on more individualised training and mentorship – primarily in the areas of corporate, educational and community development. I’m writing another book, though I promised myself two was enough..

The pandemic made me realise I want to travel less and dig deeper into what contribution I can offer to making the world a better place to be.

I paint, photograph and do a lot of walking in forests, mountains and by the sea.