Your work is most effective when you are heard, empowered and encouraged to bring your creative talents to shared tasks. It is basic respect and good practice to offer that to yourself and to others. Effective working requires well-thought-out structures and processes. It needs empowered individuals.

My work deals with both these aspects. I train individuals who want to improve their effectiveness to lower stress and enhance achievement. I also work with managers and organisations to improve the culture and structures of your organisation in ways that empower individuals and improve collaboration and collective outcomes. Though careful application of the 8 Principles of Presence, I work with you to develop collaborative structures, deepen relationships between teams and to help you eradicate the inner blockages that prevent you from excelling.

In particular, through mentorship, consultancy and workshop, I help you deal with personal insecurity, performance anxiety, nervousness about interviews, fear of running meetings, anxiety around public speaking or preparing presentations. I help you navigate your daily work/life and design workplaces which are less stressful, more healthy and where teams stay together for the long-term.It is both possible and smart to bring your best self to your work, and to enable others to do so, so that you can be your best, achieve your potential and encourage others to do the same – all in ways that do not result in stress, overwork and burn-out.

Cultivating presence is the hear of this process.

My work with businesses covers three areas:

1. Individual mentorship: developing presence, confidence, charisma and connection

2. Team working: consultancy for groups and individuals about effective collaborative practices  

3. Creating collaborations: working with managers to create environments that enable collaboration, creativity and open communication


I offer three ways for people to work with me to enhance their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. All three programmes are based in the 8 Principles of Presence and will guide you towards greater presence, empowerment, charisma, communication, confidence and personal agency.