Throughout my career I have worked in both formal and informal educational settings – from primary to post-graduate level, with performers and non-performers. I have spoken and written about pedagogy, experiential learning and training ‘presence’ in many institutions and at many conferences internationally.

From 2004 until 2010 I was Senior Lecturer in Performance at Huddersfield University (UK) where I co-designed and ran an innovative MA degree in ensemble and psychophysicality. I also became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Since returning to freelance life I have continued to develop my research work outside of any formal institution and both formally and informally to mentor Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. I also train educators at all levels, in processes of facilitating experiential learning.

I apply my educational experience in four ways – each outlined on a separate page below. If you are interested in discussing how I can contribute to you or to projects that you run, please contact me.