Mentorship – Developing Presence


Most of us feel stuck sometimes.

Most of us feel undervalued and frustrated sometimes.

Most of us are expected to do things that make us anxious – public speaking, running meetings, sitting interviews, collaborating.

The heart of developing the confidence easefully to overcome feeling stuck, frustrated or anxious is to develop presence.

There are lots of short term tricks that you can use to pretend to be confident – but that’s all they are – tricks!

Real confidence grows from real presence.

Presence is based in mental and a physical discipline.

  • I offer individual mentorship programmes for people who want to clear away their blockages and enter into a more confident, empowered and easeful way of managing the stresses and strains of their daily work.
  • Shorter mentorships offer an in-depth encounter with the 8 Principles of presence.
  • The longer mentorships will give us greater time to work in depth with the details of your needs and time also to explore and share personal exercises that help you address your fears and blockages.


I offer three ways for people to work with me to enhance their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. All three programmes are based in the 8 Principles of Presence and will guide you towards greater presence, empowerment, charisma, communication, confidence and personal agency.