One-on-one Online Performance Training


“You have given most safe and free space that helped me to open freely and fearlessly and be able to take risk that made my roots stronger. ”

Trainee S
May 2020

I offer a small number of performers individualised one-on-one performance training online.

My work is about liveness and presence, physical discipline, expressivity, creative freedom and becoming a fearless and unique performer. These are qualities we can explore and develop online in one-on-one sessions. They are qualities vital to all for performance, regardless of the art form or medium you work in.

We can look at:

  • Physicality
  • Improvisation
  • Presence
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Risk-taking and fearlessness
  • Text
  • Characterisation
  • Vulnerability
  • Creative Play

Online individualised training takes the form of three conversations and an exchange of practical tasks. Conversations take place on ZOOM and are recorded. Practical tasks are proposed and returned via Whatsapp or Google Drive. Feedback is given in via voice messages on Whatsapp – ensuring all elements of your training remain permanently available to you in the event of your wanting to revisit the interactions in the future.

Trainee D

May 2020

“One would be amazed how simple tasks can enable us to reach our most confident level as a performer – one who is aware and has a choice of what to bring out and what not.”

The structure of the training is as follows:

  • We have a short conversation and you tell me the particular focus you want our work to take. Then, if we decide to go ahead:
  • I suggest a task to do – which you film and send to me. You also send a short voice message self-reflection on what you discovered doing the task.
  • I send you a response to your video and reflection, and a new task which builds on the experience of the first task
  • We do this (probably) three times.
  • Then we have another conversation to see where we’re up to.
  • We repeat the whole process – three more tasks and another conversation.
  • You can do the tasks as soon as I send them or wait a day or two – you set your own timescale (though actually it is better if you respond quickly, but it’s up to you….)

The entire process will take between ten and twenty days. What you do during the training is entirely your concern and remains absolutely private between us – I try to make this as safe a place for experimentation and risk-taking as it is possible for me to do.

“Learning from John Britton has been a deeply empowering experience. What he teaches is so essential but almost always thoroughly missed in the traditional schools out there.”

Trainee K

May 2020