Performance Mentorship


With three decades of experience as a performer, director, writer, creator, collaborator, teacher and thinker, I can offer broad, international and inter-disciplinary perspectives on your current concerns and questions.

Mentorship is a personal and bespoke process. Sometimes I work with people on the development of specific projects, sometimes to help them evaluate where they are at in their career and where they might go next. Some mentorship is a single session, sometimes a fixed number of sessions, and with some people I have an ongoing irregular conversation whenever they need an informed and supportive place to bounce ideas and thoughts around.

All mentorship sessions will take place on ZOOM and will be recorded – giving you a permanent record of the interaction which you can return to if, in the future, you want or need to.

Mentorship sessions last 50 minutes and cost £50 per session.

Working with John as a mentor was such an encouraging, inspiring and affirming experience that I felt myself grow back into myself during and after each session. John really heard where I was coming from, he offered insights that supported and challenged the way I was being in my creativity and my life. I return to John’s wisdom regularly both consciously and on a deeper level.