Since completing my MA in 1988, performance has been the heart of my work. In particular my passion is exploring the relationship between the individual and ensemble (the personal and interpersonal).ALL performance is about communication – and authentic communication requires bravery towards investigating the self and an ability to communicate clearly and in detail with others.

I have directed shows across the world – professional, student, community, educational. I have directed solo, small group and large ensemble pieces working with script, choreography, multi-art form aesthetics, in theatres, site-specific locations, co-created and devised, with or without language.

Combining all my work is a passionate commitment to liveness, presence and interdisciplinary, intercultural, transnational collaboration. Equally important is my belief that all performance needs to be created and understood through detailed attention to the body. Physicality is the core of what I do.

Though I direct less these days as I expand my work into other areas, I am still open to interesting collaborations as a teacher, performer, director and researcher. Please be in touch if you would like to discuss possibilities

As a teacher, I work both online and out in the real world.