In 2013 Bloomsbury published an academic textbook on Ensemble which is now used round the world. I was editor and lead author. ‘Encountering Ensemble’ (Methuen/Bloomsbury, 2013) is still available from Amazon and other booksellers.

In 2017 I published a book for performers based on teaching the principles of Self-With-Others. Called ‘Climbing The Mountain: The Performer’s Journey Into Presence’ it is a poetic and practical journey into the heart of being a performer. It is available in a printed version directly from me or you can purchase the ebook from Teach Performance

‘How To Teach Performance is a step-by step guide to designing and delivering Performance Workshops in any art form.

Using the ‘Why & How’ Approach it guides you from conception through delivery to reflection. It points out the pitfalls and suggests the questions you may have forgotten to ask yourself.It’s an indispensible practical guide for Artist-Teachers at any stage of their career.

Available as ebook or print copy from Teach Performance