My work is based in a continuing and evolving process of practical and theoretical enquiry. As well as offering practical training to groups and individuals, I collaborate with and mentor people engaged in academic and practical research. I am always interesting in discussing collaborations for research that deepen our collective understanding or that cross the boundaries that – often artificially – separate one discipline from another.I am the author of two performance-related books – ‘Encountering Ensemble’ and ‘Climbing The Mountain’. Both have grown from my practical and theoretical research into training individuals within group contexts. I’m currently writing a third, which explores the application of my work in non-performance contexts.

The underlying concepts, the pedagogy and the practical details of Self-With-Others have been elaborated and expanded in a number of PhDs in the last decades as well as in several articles and other publications.

The core of the research – along with some of the conference presentations and articles I have written in relationship to my work – are freely available on my research website:

Occasional reflections on Self-With-Others and related topics can be found on my blog to you can listen to them here.