All of my work is based on a core framework of beliefs and processes. I call this framework Self-With-Others. Whatever area I am working in, this framework guides how I structure learning, mentorship, consultancy, practical research, and creative process.

This is an outline of Self-With-Others:

Self With Others is a framework for designing processes of learning, growth and change.

Self-With-Others is relational – recognizing we are social creatures and develop self-knowledge primarily through interaction with others and our environment.

Self-With-Others is based on core attitudinal principles – ways of thinking that, through repeated practice, we can embody, so altering our moment-by-moment experience.

Self-With-Others combines principles of thinking with enhancing somatic awareness. We understand and reveal our thoughts by paying attention to physical actions, sensations, and experiences.

Self-With-Others is psychophysical – working for the integration of physical and mental processes to enhance easeful and efficient thought and action.

Self-With-Others draws from research into psychology, somatic practices, performance training, neuroscience, contemplative practices and pedagogy.

Self-With-Others is based on unconditional positive feedback – encouraging the development of each persons’ unique voice and perspective rather than proposing adherence to fixed methods and rules-based approaches to learning.

Self-With-Others is experiential, focusing on enhancing awareness and engagement with the details of every experience.

Self-With-Others develops the capacity to learn, be present, connect, communicate, innovate, self-reflect, and engage in creative processes, through combining practical work with conceptual understanding.

Self-With-Others enhances our understanding and efficient use of our SELF, open perspectives on connecting with OTHERS, and focuses on the detailed mechanics of being WITH.