I sell various things that I make and design. Here’s an outline. You can see more by visiting my shops.


Ratdog and Boy live in a permanent adventure — just them and the wonderful world they inhabit. They need nothing but nature, their imagination and each other.

You can bring a little of their wonder into your daily life with a small selection of T-shirts, baby clothes, mugs and assorted other merchandise. You can also contact me to paint your own unique moment from Ratdog & Boy’s life.

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Each picture is unique.

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Unpeople live on the edge of town. They are the outsiders, individuals, rebels and non-conformists. They’ll be fiercely loyal provided you accept them for who they are. They share their space with the undogs. They are the beat poets, the skaters, jazz-geeks, the activists, the truly free. But freedom has a price. That price is that you have to find your own place to belong instead of just fitting in with everyone else. Unpeople is also the home of skater girl.


Lovetrees offers a selection of elegant abstract patterns, inspirational or provocative quotes, pictorial designs and cute memes. For witty and smart individuals who want to follow their own path.


I design a number of bespoke  journals – and sometimes add designs onto existing journals to make them more interesting. I love good  notebooks and journals so I set up this shop to give myself an excuse to make the sorts of things to use. I  hope you like them too.