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The Second Flowering

‘The first flowering is free.

The second flowering you must work for.’

Based on the Japanese Philosopher Zeami Motokiyo

‘The Second Flowering’ – a structured guide to turning dreams into reality.

Most of us take our first steps into the world of work without much thought. We make decisions when we’re too young to know what we want because we’ve not yet realised who we are. We try to please other people – family, peers, ‘society’.

We study a course, learn skills, take a job, to satisfy or impress other people – parents, friends or school. We seek security. We want to take our place in the world as an adult.

After a while we see reality standing right in front of us. Sometimes it’s a rude shock.

What we’ve achieved through this first flowering of our career is not enough. The first few pay cheques are great – but a lifetime of slowly increasing income barely keeping pace with inflation? The stability of having a job turns into feeling stuck. The ‘security’ of employment meets the reality of economics – your job could disappear overnight if that’s the way things go. Being sensible doesn’t seem so sensible anymore.

It’s then you start to hear that inner voice which – when you were younger – told you to create, make art, run your own business, find a different way of living – to take a risk so you can win the prize! Your inner voice demands to be heard. Your inner voice points you towards your best life.

Honouring that inner voice, diving into doing and living your best and most authentic life, calls for you give up your idea of ‘security’.

This will be your Second Flowering.

The First Flowering happens.

The SecondFlowering you must make.

The First Flowering is easy.

The Second is harder.

The First Flowering is how you start on the path of life.

Your Second Flowering is when you decide the direction you want to travel.

‘The Second Flowering’ is an online consultancy and mentorship for anyone preparing to make a change. Over 15 videos it encourages, validates, inspires, questions, structures and helps you map out the steps you need to take to turn your dream into reality.

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Mentorship/Coaching: This is my premium one-on-one service. Together we can work through strategies for being more authentically present, developing confidence and creativity and managing personal and career change. Single sessions or packages are available. Contact me here. All mentoring sessions take place on ZOOM and are recorded. You will be sent access to the recording immediately after your session so you will retain a permanent record.

Online Workshops: I run sessions for small groups using The 8 Principles of Presence as a springboard for training confidence, connectedness and creativity. This combines personal growth and organisational development work. Contact me here.

Webinars: I run occasional free or paid webinars on specific topics. Sign up for my occasional newsletter to be kept informed of future events.

Online Course: I have posted a course on UDEMY: ‘Be Confident: Personal Power through Authentic Presence’

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The core of both personal growth and interpersonal capacity is the ability to be present.

My work grows from the performance world – I have over three decades of directing, performing and training groups to respond spontaneously and intuitively to each other.

Now I work internationally as a mentor, consultant and researcher, across the corporate, community, educational and performance worlds. I offer individual mentorship to people who want to enhance and extend their personal effectiveness, facilitate community building and social/political action, and supporting teachers and students across a range of educational contexts.


Building a healthy, empowered awareness of your unique skills, is an essential first step if you want to contribute to rich, creative and productive collaborative environments. To excel in any field, you need to notice and dissolve patterns of thinking that obstruct you. This is a detailed and continuing process of personal growth.


Each individual has unique intelligence and skills. Collaborations and teams are built by valuing and bringing together the unique skills of individual members. Effective communication involves working with protocols of connection and feedback that empower each individual to risk thinking outside the box and to bring the best of themselves to any conversation.


The personal and the interpersonal feed each other. An empowered and highly competent individual, can only collaborate effectively if they can also communicate and build relationships with others. Someone who is open and communicative but brings nothing of their unique talents to relationships, is essentially a passenger in any collaboration. Effective collaboration requires both personal and interpersonal competencies.


I offer three ways for people to work with me to enhance their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. All three programmes are based in the 8 Principles of Presence and will guide you towards greater presence, empowerment, charisma, communication, confidence and personal agency.


From the start of the next financial year (April 2021) I will give 10% of profits from my work to grassroots organisations in the area of environmental protection/rewilding, childhood trauma recovery and education.

Like many of my generation, I’ve benefited from advantages of ethnicity, gender, and education. I live in a country that has benefited from colonial exploitation. My country continues to exploit its own citizens and environment, and to disregard its obligations to people and environments internationally. This serves to subsidise my lifestyle and that of others who live here. Though many of us – including me – struggle financially at times, we are relatively fortunate.

This tithe is intended to acknowledge and make some repayment for my relative good fortune. It is imperfect, but it is what I can do now.

10% of profits means all monies (after declarable expenses) above the Real Living Wage for the UK (currently £9.70 p/h – approx £19,500 per annum). 

I’m making this commitment not to signal my ‘goodness’, nor to encourage others, but so that I must honour publically the private commitment I am making.