Training – Communicating With Confidence


Learning A Performer’s Secret Skills of Persuasive Presence

Some performers hold the room in the palm of their hand. Their audience hangs on their every word. Their silences are rich with listening. Their jokes are met with laughter. Their message is received loud and clear  – just as they intend.

How do they do it? What’s the secret of their presence?

Well, here’s the secret: there is no secret.

Presence grows from a set of learnable techniques.

It’s not something you have to be ‘born with’, it’s techniques you can learn at any stage of life.

They are techniques of mind, body and breath.

Learning techniques of presence is not going to turn you into Hollywood’s newest A-lister, but it will make you more confidence, and better able to communicate your ideas, skills and needs.

“Presence is not something you have. It is something you do.”

This workshop will show you the fundamental techniques of communicating with confidence.

Key areas covered:

  • Physical Awareness
  • Noticing
  • Refreshing the Senses
  • Quietening and focusing the mind
  • Communicating with the body/gesture
  • Controlling and guiding the breath
  • Put it all together to present your case

Workshops can be for a single person or groups of up to 12 participants.

Minimum length – 2 hours

Cost – Depending on number of participants and duration.


I offer three ways for people to work with me to enhance their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. All three programmes are based in the 8 Principles of Presence and will guide you towards greater presence, empowerment, charisma, communication, confidence and personal agency.