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All based in Authentic Presence

I’m an idealist and an optimist.

I believe we can do better.

I believe people are good and we should all take much better care of this beautiful planet.

We’re all unique and creative. I know that. We all deserve respect.

What makes us different from one another is what makes it exciting to be alive.

My work is based in a passionate belief that, with the right tools, all of us can be extraordinary.

I help people develop the right tools.

I don’t teach ‘tricks’ – I encourage people to become authentically who they are – to use the power of their presence to make the changes and create the life-journey they aspire to.


Starting April 2021 I will give 10% of profits from my work to grassroots organisations in the area of environmental protection/rewilding, childhood trauma recovery and education. Like many of my generation, I’ve benefited from advantages of ethnicity, gender, and education. I live in a country that has benefited from colonial exploitation. ‘10% of profits’ means all monies (after declarable expenses) above the Real Living Wage for the UK (currently £9.70 p/h – approx £19,500 per annum).

Details of my work in all areas can be found in the appropriate sections of this website. If you have questions or queries, please drop me a message.


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