Creative Projects


Music/Sound Art:

I compose music, which is sometimes purely instrumental, sometimes incorporates text and natural sounds. I grew up listening to the radio and in some ways it is where my heart most truly remains. Please visit my Soundcloud account to have a listen. Leave me a message there if you find things you like!

Video & Animation:

Sometimes I mix my cartoons or photographs with spoken or musical texts I have made. Here’s a few examples. I put them up on Youtube – got on over and have a look if you’d like.

Ratdog & Boy

Ratdog and Boy live in a permanent present. Their life is continual adventure. With nothing but trees, mountains, lakes, flowers, an occasional rope, bike or skateboard and an ecosystem of other creatures, they fill their days with making-things-happen.They are childhood and eternal summer. They are friendship.

Each morning they share their latest adventure on Instagram and on Facebook.

Voice-Over Work

I record and edit voice overs for various projects from my small home studio. Recent projects have included ‘Westgate Rising’ for Wakefield Council and ‘The Disobedience Manifesto’ for Rabbithole Theatre in Athens

You can access samples of voice work here: