SWO for Business & Community (Ensemble)

Self-With-Others is about living healthier, more effective and more sustainable lives in this increasingly unpredictable and complex world.

Self-With-Others grows from deep understanding of how to create empowered individuals who operate within high-functioning teams (ensembles). The skills and techniquesSelf-With-Others contains serve anyone trying to run a business, community organisation, classroom, committee or any place where people, power and purpose meet!

Self-With-Others offers perspectives and techniques to work with greater compassion, effectiveness and less effort to achieve shared aims.

I coach and consult with individuals and groups who want to dig deeper into this.

My book ‘Presence’ also offers useful insights into processes of connection, quietening distraction and working with greater efficiency.

‘Presence: What it is. Why it matters. How to get it’

This short book is a practical guide to developing and sustaining presence. It’s based in Self-With-Others and offers clear insight into what you can start doing today to eradicate distraction and improve focus, connection and confidence. Available by following this link or from AMAZON.

Get it here!
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