Momentum Coaching

Momentum Coaching

Coaching to reconnect you with Purpose, Passion, Presence & Pleasure




Without purpose….


Struggling with self-doubt…

Feeling undervalued….

Let’s work together to dissolve blockages, refocus, and regain Momentum.

Momentum is a coaching programme to get you unstuck, refocused and back on track.

You’ll reconnect with what really drives you and recommit to living the life you yearn for.

You’ll identify your blockages, face your fears, and refind the passion that, somewhere along the way, you lost.

You’ll identify ACTIONS to give you back Momentum.

There’s no ‘fixed method’.

You’re unique.

Your needs are unique.

Your coaching should be unique.

I specialise in working with mavericks, non-conformists and those who want to make a positive change in their communities and world – through Art, Business, Activism, Reseach or Education.

I start from a commitment to deep listening, unconditional acceptance and creative questioning. My coaching is informed by my experience of how the human bodymind works (and sometimes doesn’t work), how people learn, creative processes, connection, interpersonal communication, the psychology of pleasure and creative flow, and of working with a huge range of communities and individuals in over thirty countries over three decades.

Whatever you need to explore, I’ll hear you without judgement. I’ll reflect back what I hear and, together, we’ll discover how things might be different.

We’ll find how to dissolve the things that block you and reinforce the things that inspire you.

The Momentum Coaching Programme lasts 12 sessions and is split into two halves.

I also offer 3-session and 6-session programmes.

To see if Momentum Coaching will meet your needs, set up a free, no-obligation conversation with me by filling in this short questionnaire


Part One: Removing Blockage.

Week 1: a structured conversation to identify major blockages, frustrations and areas of confusion.

Weeks 2 – 6: we’ll explore, reframe and gently dissolve your major blockages.

Week 7: a week without a session – a time for reflecting and looking forward.

Part Two: Getting Momentum.

Week 8 – 12: we’ll explore concrete steps forward to get you moving towards your objectives.

Week 13: – review of the process, charting your changes since week one and deciding how to embed your new patterns of thinking and acting, so you maintain momentum after the programme is finished.

Delivery is via zoom.

All sessions are recorded and available to you permanently.

Sessions will be 60 minutes long.

I’ll also be available to respond to email/whatsapp/text messages between sessions (usually within 24hrs)












‘Our session was one of the most powerful I’ve had in a really long time and I just want to tell you what an incredible coach you are. I think it’s absolutely incredible what you do for people and how you make them feel’ TA

‘John is a deep thinking and thought provoking coach who is not afraid to challenge his clients and ask the difficult questions in order to get the root cause of an issue.’ PM

‘John has a magnificent and magical way to unlock the potential of his students. John was always a safe space for me to be able to address my fears and doubts and explore unknown territories within my art and as an individual. The integrity, deep knowledge and passion he shares within his work are invaluable’ NS


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If nothing is available in the calendar, please drop me a message.