I’ve published five books based in Self-With-Others and one charting the adventures of my two friends, Ratdog & Boy.

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Climbing The Mountain: A Performer’s Journey Into Presence

‘Climbing The Mountain: A Performer’s Journey Into Presence’ has taken on a new life since I published it in 2016. It started as a book for performers, but more and more people from all areas of life talk to me of how it helps them makes sense of life. It contains 30 mini-talks that take you from the start to end of an ensemble training process to its end. Based on the practical training I delivered when I ran the MA Ensemble Physical Theatre: Training & Performance at the University of Huddersfield, these talks are as close as I can get you to actually being in the studio with me as we dig deep into what it is to be a performer. Somehow what I was teaching actors works as life-lessons for people all over the world. Available as Book, e-book and audiobook. Available also on Amazon, Amazon Audible & Kindle.

Encountering Ensemble

In 2013 Bloomsbury published my academic textbook on Ensemble which is now used round the world. I was editor and lead author. ‘Encountering Ensemble’ (Methuen/Bloomsbury, 2013) is still available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Presence: What it is. Why it matters. How to get it

This short book is a practical guide to developing and sustaining presence. It’s based in Self-With-Others and offers clear insight into what you can start doing today to eradicate distraction and improve focus, connection and confidence. Available by following this link or from AMAZON.

How To Teach Performance

This book offers a step-by step guide to imaging, designing, delivering, promoting and learning from performance workshops. It serves new and experienced workshop leaders, encouraging excellence and deep-level understanding of your work. Available here, or via AMAZON.

Ratdog & Boy’s Year of Adventures

Ratdog has Boy. Boy has Ratdog. They’re friends. Nothing much else mattes. Join them for 52 moments f adventure as they travel from the first flowers of spring through to the depths of winter, exploring, celebrating and thriving in their private world of kites and mountains, wild beasts and quizzical birds, long days and dark nights. Their’s is a world of curiosity, adventure and – above all – friendship. Available ONLY from AMAZON.


The Personal Power Programme

The heart of this package is a 10-day process of movement-based meditations that introduce you to The 8 Principles of Presence and start you on the process of embodying them. Each day there’s a short audio introduction to a principle and a ten minute guided movement process to help take the principle from ‘idea’ to ‘experience’.

The Second Flowering

This is a guided journey for anyone considering a process of personal change. It helps you make a map of your intended journey by exploring both the external changes you need to make and the internal blockages you’re likely to encounter. Like everything in Self-With-Others, it recognises the interconnected nature of inner and outer experience.

The Teach Performance Programme

‘The Teach Performance Programme’ is a comprehensive online video course comprising over 40 videos covering all aspects of teaching performance workshops. It’s broken into 6 modules: ‘The Big Picture’; ‘The Learning Journey’; ‘Pedagogies & Paradigms’; ‘Flow & Flexibility’; ‘Feedback’; ‘Past, Present & Future’. 

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