There is life after
Boarding School

‘Journey to Belonging Bespoke‘ is here to help you feel connected and find inner peace, and to guide you on a journey towards a deeper sense of belonging.

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Who is Journey to Belonging For?

Journey to Belonging is a coaching programme for people who attended Boarding School and still feel they carry unresolved consequences.

It’s for you if you have noticed any of the following traits in yourself:

Distrustful. Disconnected. Isolated. Self-Doubting. Deep sadness. Cynicism. Overwork. Reluctance to commit. Dysfunctional independence. Overwhelming need to be right.

Sometimes, all we need is a push in the right direction.

Many of our clients have been in therapy, while others feel they do not want to access therapy and would pefer alternative ways to open up parts of themselves that they’ve shut down.

Coaching enables us all to move forwards in life, without dwelling too much on a painful past.

What is ‘Journey to Belonging Bespoke’?

Journey to Belonging Bespoke is a flexible coaching programme for people who whom boarding school has cast a long shadow.

Based on the six-part Journey to Belonging, the programme draws on Sorrel Pindar’s ‘Heartbridge’ approach and John Britton’s ‘Self-With-Others’.

It helps clients to get free of the deep sense of isolation, anxiety and disconnection that often result from having attended boarding school.

How will I benefit from this programme?

Clients who work with us generally find that they experience:

+ Reconnection with the self
+ A gradual opening to experience
+ The ability to establish healthy relationships with self and others
+ A reigniting of passion
+ A deeper sense of belonging

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Our services are bespoke to your particular situation

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Individual or Group Coaching

You can attend coaching sessions alone or with another boarding school survivor in your circle.

Online resources

You will have access to the suite of short videos which make up the Journey to Belonging route map.

Self-Guided Exercises

There will be exercises for you to carry out at your own pace, which will help you to embed new learnings.

What our clients say:

Gillian Christison

J. Laurence Sarno

Iris Whitelock

“Congratulations that was a very impactful webinar. You did great! I had never shared that story before except with my Dad probably sometime in the last 5 years. Today being listened to in the group really shifted something. I felt the energy moving really intensely through my body, tears flowing and the insight was ‘I don’t have to punish myself anymore.’ Thank you and I feel proud to know you.”

“Well done, Sorrel! Excellent workshop. You were right; I warmed to John right away.

“It was a very powerful hour for me, and very moving to hear the insights of the other participants.

“Thank you.”

“Thanks very much for this video with you and John. It is actually a revelation that other people had similar experiences to me as a result of boarding school. I related to your experience of crying continually – as I think I told you in our interview, and to John, with the limits he put on ‘exploring the outer limits of what I could do’.

Work with Sorrel, or John, or both of us:

While we both went to boarding school, our experiences were very different as the experience of girls’ schools is different from that of boys’ schools.

John’s background is in performance and the creative arts, while Sorrel’s is in well-being, mental health and relationships

Our different experiences means we can support clients no matter what experience you may have had.

How is Journey to Belonging delivered?

Journey to Belonging is a bespoke coaching programme. It can be delivered online via weekly or fortnightly Zoom calls over 6, 9, 12 or 24 weeks, or as an in-person weekend intensive.

You can choose to be coached by John or Sorrel; by both John & Sorrel for different aspects of the programme; or if you choose a group setting, by John & Sorrel together.

Contact us for more information and to set up a no-obligation conversation

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